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Printed bag options with low MOQs!

One of the biggest frustrations and hurdles for coffee roasters with elevating their brands through printed packaging are being held by large minimum order quantities.

This is not feesable for most, especially micro-roasters. Not everyone has the capital layout for minimum 10,000 or more bags at a time. As a result, the easiest solutions to drive branding and messaging on their coffee packaging has been stickers. This option has been far cheaper for roasters as they could purchase stickers in lower volumes, though still having to buy bags at case quantities.

All roasters will agree, placing stickers on bags is a tedious and frustrating task. Alot of time is taken in trying to perfectly place a sticker/s onto coffee bags and it's often requires numerous attempts and some ruined stickers and bags. If not correctly, it can reflect poorly on your brand.

'Straight, exactly in the same position, no creases' - not fun for roasters at all!

Roasters want, and deserve professionally, quality branding on their bags with minimal fuss.

At The Coffee Bag Company, we understand these challenges and have a solution for you. In proud association with our partner MTPAK, we can now offer you printed bags with a minimum order quantity of only 500 units.

Yes, you read correctly 500 MOQs only!

How, do you ask?

The solution lies in an innovative approach using UV print technology. And due to it being a digital printing process, the colour options are endless, and it does not affect the price! Print as colourful and complex detail as you like, be as creative as you wish.

Want to know more? Simply click on the following link:

Go on, take your brand to the next level, with minimal capital investment possible.

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